Welcome! Come right in and enjoy my shop today! This highly sought after, adorable little pint size 10 inch sweetie is reaching up to be swept into the arms of a delighted, loving Mama! If you listen carefully, she may even be calling your name! I’ve had that happen before and I jumped to answer! It is almost impossible to tear one’s eyes away from a doll that has been made with all the skill of her larger sisters but is so small she can sit in the palm of your hand! What is that smile spreading across you face? I know, it simply can’t be helped and how welcome smiles can be in this day and age! She can be described in one simple word: “Fun!” Whip up a trousseau for her! Set out those collected accessories or furniture or display her with your 17 to 19” French Fashions.
Offered from Aunt Janie’s Doll Trunk today is a precious little size 1 Jumeau “Bebe Reclame”. She is so anxious to show you her Spring lambs (not included in the sale). One of Jumeau’s ingenious and effective marketing strategies was to simply allow major Parisian department stores such as “Au Bon Marche” to package and present his dolls under their own label and boxes with no sacrifice in quality. Many were sold with the store banner on the chemise belt or arm band. Jumeau’s first issue of these dolls was in the early 1890s when he used current factory inventory by removing the fired on red Jumeau stamp from the back of the head with a bit of acid, leaving a blank white bisque area. Of course, the back of the head is normally covered by the glued-on wig and the dolls were easily recognized as the gold medal award winning Jumeau dolls so the department stores gained incentive by the plan. A few of these dolls retained their artist marks and red stamp size number as well as the incised size number low on the neck and can be seen deeper in the neck socket.

Our example is VERY special because she is in near original state (with the exception of replaced antique clothing and included extra light blond mohair wig). She retains her never disturbed, original cork pate with her original strawberry-blond human hair wig still tacked on with little nails. I specialize in full disclosures so you know exactly what you are purchasing. Please see photos and read descriptions for full disclosure. Her seldom found body with straight wrists and straight legs as shown in “The Jumeau Book” by Francois Theimer on page 342. Is it this doll? Take a peek and decide for yourself! She is not a walker version as the legs are attached with elastic cord. The only difference in this bebe and Jumeau’s regular size 1 Tete Jumeau bebe is a half inch advantage in size found only in the longer torso, as was seen in the recent size 1 Bebe Louvre we sold. She is priced lower than her actual value because she happens to have a kiln separation at the left rim and a Kiln stress line on the inside of her head. No separation is seen on the outside even with a jeweler’s loop at 10x magnification but a slight darkness is evident through the translucent bisque. Since, over time, a little grime collected in this interior stress line, it appears that dark color traveled down the inside fissure on the inside. It has since been covered with plaster. I show close up photos so leave it up to the buyer to decide if this matters much to them. Remember that photos are magnified far beyond this tiny doll's actual size so, in real life, it is invisible because it is so faint and she is so small. Jumeau, found this type of situation to be of little significance because these fissures don’t weaken the doll. This little bebe has had a professional touchup of a rub on her left cheek. A photo shows that it is well done with matching translucent china paint which has been sealed. There is a short, dark kiln separation line above her left ear and the hole for her earring on the right ear did not stay open in the firing so an earring would have to be attached by glue.

Her rare original body is in excellent condition, with lovely original finish with a line or two of crazing to the body paint. Review photos, please. As mentioned earlier, she has the rare straight wrists typically used only in earlier dolls, and the even rarer straight legs. These are not
“walker” legs, as they are attached with normal stringing. If you love costuming, the added ½ inch on her torso lends itself by proportion to the typical larger Jumeau styles better than the shorter torso of the regular 9.5 inch Tete Jumeau. She shows off her hand made antique underclothing and her knit lace socks but is without shoes. Doll comes with two outfits as shown in photos as well as her original human hair wig and the newer mohair wig as shown.

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