There is just something about this antique French Bebe that goes beyond most Bru Brevetes I have seen. She's simply breathtaking and my heart skipped a beat when I first saw her! Having enjoyed her for years in my personal collection, it is time to allow another loving caretaker a chance. Though she presents and looks perfect, she is priced to reflect a very faint and almost imperceptible hairline on her right temple. As we know, not all diamonds are perfect, but it may be by that very means a broader spectrum can have a chance to enjoy them. Perhaps this is your opportunity! She will shine brightly in your home and bring a smile into any room you choose to enjoy her. Circa late 1870s, she has lived a long and well-loved life of over 150 years. She is authentic in every way, a French Bisque Antique Bru Brevete Bebe size 4, standing 14.5" tall, in all her glory! Please enjoy all the photos as they comprise much of my description so be sure to enlarge them with two clicks. As you will see, she almost speaks for herself!

What subtle beauty, almost like a lily in splendor! Delicate, pale, smooth and oh, so appealing! Her early, pale pressed bisque is so translucent it fairly shines through the light pompadour overall coloring! Her facial features are as delicate as can be and have obviously been applied by a master artisan. Amber brown paperweight spiral enamel eyes in their original set are the epitome of expression which draws one to her. An antique blond mohair wig covers her cork pate and softly surrounds her rosy cheeks. You will find a size number 4 incised low on the neck with a small B and on the edge of the right shoulder plate to match. This little girl's head connector is the signature Bru metal button fitting over a spring with the wing nut on the bottom side of the breastplate.

After many years of fashion doll production, it was decided that children needed to play with a bebe depicting their own age that wore children’s clothing styles. The Bru firm was one who listened to that demand and the Brevete was their first model offered in 1877. The kid body quickly evolved to use a more fully defined breastplate attached with the scalloped kid skin strap which is just what this doll is found to have; really cute! The kid is in very good condition with no holes, splits, or patches, but it is showing the age effect of handling with the darkening of the leather over the years. Her lower legs show that her socks were once red as some of that dye has transferred to the kid. Her arms have their original armature wires which are still attached inside the breastplate, but they do hang loose enough to allow dressing which is helpful. Beautifully sculpted lovely hands contribute to this bebe’s expressiveness and one would never guess there is a professional repair to the ring finger tip of her right hand.

Her haute couture coat dress is luscious to say the least! A pale yellow and royal blue jacquard striped silk is paired with a very fine lightweight royal blue antique silk that is actually a jacquard weave with tiny dots in it. The garment is lined with a mesh mousseline as were original dresses. It is completely hand sewn and incorporates piping around the jacket fronts, and a double flounce under the shirred and pleated skirt. Underneath are her sweet antique pantaloons and petticoat as shown in the photos. Antique knit socks and dark leather shoes stamped with a horse shoe design on the soles Her darling chapeau is an artistic masterpiece combining silk shell tucking, and a plethora of pleated lace framing her face. Delicate flowers coordinate with her dress perfectly and the ribbon ties compliment the royal blue of the skirt completing her striking ensemble.

Generally excellent bisque in most respects with the exception of a nearly invisible light and tight professionally reinforced hairline from the rim above her temple to the outer edge of her right eyebrow and going no further. Often, such lines were in the making due to cooling temperatures being too abrupt or from attaching the wig to the pate with short nails. There is a shallow white fleck at her right earring hole as well as a well done professional repair on the ring fingertip of her right hand.

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