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Back in the 1970's, in Ft. Lauderdale,I began acquiring marine antiques when that city was a seafaring town, not the fast lane metropolis it is today. I had an archaeological conservation tank at my business location, used to stabilize marine artifacts by reverse electrolysis in a conductive solution. This slowly changed the chemical nature of salt corroded iron from iron oxide to iron chloride. The outer layer always flaked away, which is why there are pits.This solid iron cannonball was recovered in the 1970's by a marine archaeologist, then conserved by reverse electrolysis in a vat for one year.There has been No expansion in 30 years from salt, so conservation was successful.According to Treasure Divers Guide, by Potter, a 24 pound cannonball was fired from a cannon with a 5.8 inch bore, which seems to match this diameter. Before 1760, that would have been a 9 foot 6 inch gun.After scientific reforms in 1760, that would have been a 7 foot gun. This is most likely English, British ships often had 24 pound long guns, though France and Sweden also used them. I believe the USS Constitution had 24 pound guns. When I visited her decades ago, I noticed they were George Rex marked British guns. Since cannons often changed hands as prizes of war, I cannot know where this was made, so will mark it as made in USA on customs forms, unless you have another preferance. It is over 150 years old, so should go duty free to some countries.I will ship this free in the US, or by Priority Express Mail outside the US. If out of the US, please give me full address for a shipping cost.I have other marine antiques, and another cannonball.I am located in Sebring, the Heart of Old Florida.

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James Dean of Sebring

24 Pound Cannonball Antique Conserved by Archaeological Process may be English


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