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Original chart that was included in a travel book (Stark's History of the Bahamas, copyright 1891) on sailing the Bahamas. It is very detailed, high quality, and has the original folds where it was folded into the book.I had it professionally framed by a frame shop in Fort. Lauderdale in the 1970's, with non glare glass. It has been on my wall since then, and has naturally aged . About 5 years ago I retaped the back. . The chart was compiled from the latest United States and British Admiralty surveys, and engraved by the Photo Electric Engraving Company, Boston Mass, USA.Unfortunately I no longer have the book, but it was a sailing guide. The main advice I recall was, be sure you are capable of managing and sailing your boat yourself, do not totally trust or rely on your Bahamian captain or crew.. The book appears to have been updated yearly and cost of printing was probably paid by advertisements for hotels or cruise lines, as I noticed one of the hotel ads listed updates for the year 1908. I do not know if anything changed yearly in the book, other than the advertisements, but the chart certainly was the same in the 1891 printing as the printing I had,which seemed to be 1908. Size is 18 3/4 inches or 52 cm. by 12 1/2 inches or 37 Cm. I have a few of those ads left, on other ads, inquire.


James Dean of Sebring

Coast Chart of the Bahama Islands, Nassau and Vicinity, Original from 1891 Book



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