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Up for sale is an awesome Megalodon Shark Tooth fossil measuring in at a whopping 5.65", recovered in the murky waters of the Cooper River in Charleston, SC. This specimen is in excellent condition, with no chips, repairs, or damage to report. A fossil like this does not come around often. This Megalodon tooth would make an amazing addition to any Relic Hunters collection, or display.

Of the images above, the first shows the Lingual side of the tooth, which is the side facing the tongue. This Lingual side is usually shown as the "display" side. The Labial side is the side facing the front of the mouth. Labial sides are usually smoother sides with flatter surfaces.

The Megalodon Shark was said to have existed in our oceans as recently as 3.6 million years ago. For over 16 million years, these gargantuan sharks ruled the seas. They could reach upwards of 60-65 feet in length with three rows of 4.5 - 6+ inch serrated teeth in their upper and lower jaws, capable of ingesting a modern VW Bug whole. These sharks’ teeth would fall out and regrow consistently throughout their lives, so hunting for their fossilized mega-teeth has become a popular hobby around the world today.

One of the largest in the world has been found here in South Carolina, which supports a common theory many scientists share - that the lowlands of our state would have all been underwater during Megalodon's reign and the perfect place for Megalodon to nest. We also see evidence of this theory when we look at the Cooper River near Charleston’s coast. Every year when the river is dredged, local divers go sifting down through the pluff mud trying to find one of these historic teeth. And every year, dozens are pulled from the dark depths of the Cooper.

One of the best candidates for the largest un-repaired Megalodon tooth on record was a massive specimen found by the late Vito Bertucci in South Carolina that now resides in the collection of Dr. Gordon Hubbell. This tooth purportedly measures between 7 1/4" and 7 3/8”, although no exact caliper readings are available.

Dimensions: 5.65"
3.5+ Million Year Old Fossil - Great Condition
T2 - 1/08 - XUMMM - ZV

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5.65" Megalodon Shark Tooth Fossil


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