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This is a gorgeous Opalized Ammonite Fossil, the perfect size to use as a desk ornament or paperweight. Opalized Fossils form in ways similar to other fossils, except that here they are preserved in silica. When the silica solution fills an empty cavity left by a shell or bone that has rotted away – similar to a jelly poured in a mold – it may harden to form an opalized cast of the original object. In this case, just the chambers of the Ammonite Fossil were filled and Opalized leaving a gorgeous array of colors behind.

The subclass Ammonoidea, a group that is often referred to as ammonites, first appeared about 450 million years ago. Ammonoidea includes a more exclusive group called Ammonitida, also known as the true ammonites. These animals are known from the Jurassic Period, from about 200 million years ago.

Specifications -
Item Size: 1.75" L x 1.375" W x 0.50" H
Item Weight: 30.2 grams

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Brown, Cream, Gray, Rainbow

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Opalized Ammonite Fossil


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