Here we have an awesome Orthoceras Fossil, perfect size and weight for your new desk paperweight! Orthoceras are dated to the lower Ordovician to Triassic ages, so anywhere from 500 to 190 million years ago.

They were Sea-Dwelling creatures that are predominantly found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Northern Africa. Orthoceras is an extinct Nautiloid Cephalopod that thrived for over 300 million years in Earth's oceans. Did you know, Orthoceras was one of the FIRST species on Earth to develop eyes?!

This gorgeous Orthoceras Fossil is in perfect condition with no chips, blemishes, or damage to report. Add it to your collection today! You won't regret it...

Specifications -
Item Size: 5.625" L x 1.625" W x 0.375" H
Item Weight: 91.0 grams

T3 - 3/21 - XFUX - ZV

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Orthoceras Fossil Paperweight

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